Business Partners

Any successful business works with a number of partners – each applying their specialty knowledge for the good of all. At Motukawa, we are privileged to work with many businesses and organisations.

Our lambs and cattle are always 100% grass fed and raised without antibiotics, hormones or genetically-engineered feed. We are particularly focused on the welfare of our animals and are rated Step 4 (Ewe-Lamb-Finisher) in the 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standard for Meat sheep as part of the Global Animal Partnership (GAP).

Key sales channels are:

  • Our lambs are either sold directly to Ovation or to an approved finisher of Ovation, where traceability is a key component of the supply chain. The finished products are exported to international markets.

  • Our prime beef is predominately sold through the Angus Pure Special Reserve Programme which has a particular focus on genetics, marbling and traceability. The finished products are sold to the North American market.

  • Our cross-bred wool is sold via our wool brokers Segard Masurel. Wool is sold to the textile industry worldwide and is largely used for the production of carpets.

We have a number of key suppliers who have provided committed and specialty knowledge to our farming business over a number of years. We prefer to use local business in the Taihape region. We have also had a long-standing family connection with stock and station agents PGG Wrightson and continue to use their services.