About us

The Motukawa properties are based in New Zealand’s central North Island, all within 50 km (or 50 minutes) from the town of Taihape. 

Farmed by our parents, Warren and Anne Plimmer, since 1964 when they moved to Motukawa, the family’s farm property holdings have extended to include the nearby properties of Black Hill, Kellys and Northview

From these four properties, each year we produce 33,000 lambs (26,000 sold to the market) and 1,200 calves (1,000 sold) and 160,000kg of wool from a total effective land area of 4,960 hectares. We also have 300 hectares of forest plantations and 100 hectares in indigenous bush.

Simon Plimmer, Sally Fox and Hamish Plimmer Warren and Anne Plimmer  Photo: Mark Tantrum

Simon Plimmer, Sally Fox and Hamish Plimmer
Warren and Anne Plimmer

Photo: Mark Tantrum

With Warren and Anne now retired from farming, the Motukawa properties are operated by Warren and Anne’s three children – Sally Fox, Hamish Plimmer and Simon Plimmer. Day-to-day management is done by three farm managers – Kevin Saville on Motukawa, Stephen Ponsonby at Kellys and Black Hill, and JJ Walker at Northview.

The Plimmer family is hugely proud of Warren and Anne Plimmer who developed these properties into the four significant farms we have today.

“These properties are real ‘hard yakka’ farms – it’s challenging up in the central North Island working on what is mostly steep hill country. But we loved our life up on the farm, enjoying the ups and downs of rural life, and really making something of the properties. We’re proud that now the baton is passed to Sally, Hamish and Simon and their families.”

Warren Plimmer

Custodians of the land
Our family is very aware of our role as custodians of the land. We have a responsibility, and an obligation as landowners, to look after the Motukawa properties for future generations – not only for our own families, but also for all New Zealanders.

Motukawa Land Co. consults closely with Horizons Regional Council (that manages the natural resources of the Manawatu-Wanganui region) on environmental issues such as fencing off waterways, retiring land, planting plans, space planting and gully reversion. 

Other Motukawa businesses
We have recently invested in commercial properties (Motukawa Properties) and private equity (Motukawa Investments). We are interested in expanding these investments to ensure the wider family group has a well-diversified business portfolio.

If you have any opportunities you think we would be interested in please contact us.